Redefining What Home Means

I remember, after moving away to college, the first time that I realized that my childhood home was no longer my home.   It wasn’t a feeling that hit me hard, but more of a subtle understanding.   I had the same feeling after graduating college and moving away from there.   I’m now experiencing it again.

I spent the last 15 and-a-half years in Boise, Idaho.  I moved there to take a one-year temporary job with a Boise-based printer manufacturer (BBPM).   I moved on to working for a Boise-based memory manufacturer (BBMM)  for 11 and-a-half years.   After too many years of an abusive boss, I took a severance in October of 2008 and left BBMM  on Feb 29, 2009.   I tried to sell my house at that point, but the market was bad.   It took nearly a year to line up a job.   I ended up working as a contract engineer at BBPM again.   After 22 months my entire team was cut.

What to do now?   I was tired of the contract thing anyway because BBPM treats contractors terribly(constantly reminding you that you DON’T belong).  There were openings at BBMM that I was qualified for, but I figure jobs are like girlfriends; they’re exes for a reason.   Not just that but I could never risk having to work for my ex-boss again.  I tried applying, but got ill at the thought of going back.

I started my job search again; knowing that I’d most likely have to leave Idaho.  Unlike 2009, where I rarely ever got called back, I was spending an average of three hours per weekday on the phone.   In December of 2011, I was contacted by a contract agency that had an opportunity in San Diego.  I had largely forgotten about this contact, when on February 2, I was contacted about interviewing for the position.  I interviewed with a manager and then didn’t hear anything for a week.   On February 9, I interviewed with two other people and was offered the job that night at 18:00.  The catch is they needed me to start on February 15.

I now had four days to get everything together and two days to drive.  I needed to arrange a place to stay in San Diego, get my house ready to go on the market, make sure my car was road-worthy, say my goodbyes, pack up what I might need for an indeterminate time away, and finally get my house on the market.

My house sold quickly and I was back in Boise on March 16 to get the house packed for the movers.  That was another two whirlwind days.  In addition to getting the house ready, I had friends to see and beers to drink.   I’m very indebted to two of my neighbors who helped me to accomplish an impossible amount.

June 14 is the four month mark of me being in San Diego.

If you made it past the background of how I’m here, you’re probably wondering what this all has to do with “Redefining What Home Means”.

I don’t miss Boise.   I miss my house, I miss the neighbor kids, I miss beer and pizza nights with friends.  Largely, what I miss is Community.   I keep in touch with my friends, but it’s not the same as having a beer with them.  It’s the same reason I never understood “Social Networking”.   I’d much rather have dinner with friends than read their boring-ass facebook pages.

San Diego isn’t home yet, as I don’t have community.   Boise can no longer be home because I’ve moved on.  I’m just in a weird state of limbo.   Working as a contractor doesn’t help either as it’s hard to lay down roots when you don’t know how long you’ll be in an area.


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