San Diego’s Craft Beer Scene and My Extra Tonnage.

I was very happy to find that San Diego had a robust brewery scene.   Boise had a handful of breweries, but I only considered a couple of them to be really good.   Idaho’s strength, from a beer-perspective, was its proximity to Washington and Oregon.   There were so many great beers to choose from.

I was a little worried about the scene, until I arrived here.  According to the San Diego Brewers Guild (, there are currently 36 breweries in the area.   I’ve been chipping away at the list.   Some are hard to find as they’re tucked back into industrial parks.   Even when my GPS is telling me that the destination is on the right, I often have to get out of the car and walk around a bit to find it.

I’m fortunate in that one of my favorite breweries, Green Flash, is 1/2 mile from my apartment. It’s an easy walk.

The one thing I find strange about California breweries is the Growler law.   For those that don’t know, a growler is a refillable, half-gallon bottle that you can use to take beer home.   In Idaho, Washington, and Oregon, you can fill any growler at any brewery.   Here in California, you can only fill a growler at the establishment printed on the bottle.   I’ve already asked about just using stickers, but that too is not allowed.   This conceivably means that if I wanted to bring beer home from all of the breweries here, I would need to own 36 growlers.  I can’t help but think some legislator’s brother-in-law is in the growler business.

I’ve been noticing that my pants have been getting a little tighter lately and my stomach is becoming a belly.   Men judge their weight by their pants waist size.   We hate when we have to break out the fat-pants, or worse, have to buy fat-pants.    Today, I went for a long-overdue trip to the gym.  There’s a scale in the locker-room, which I used to weigh myself.   I’m now at 204 lbs, when my weight is normally around 195.

I can already hear a chorus of voices blaming the beer.   I don’t blame the beer.   Sure it’s a component, but an equally large component is the types of food that go well with, and can often be found, at breweries and brew-pubs.   Pizza, burgers & fries, mac & cheese,  nachos, etc.  Like I told a friend at one of our beer and pizza nights, “It’s not the beer making us fat, it’s the two large pizzas we ate with the beer”.

It’s time for me to ditch this extra tonnage.   This means reducing my pub visits, walking to work more, and reducing my overall calorie intake.


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