What I’ve learned about the world in the past four months.

I’m currently working in a lab where I am the only person who was born in the United States.  We all work long hours and consequently spend a lot of time together.  We end up having some really interesting conversations.

In the past four months, I have learned more about immigration law than I had ever thought possible.  Who knew there was a difference between an L1B and H1B visa?  I was familiar with the H1B variant, but the L1B was new to me.

I’ve learned how certain policies, which I find objectionable, affect those from other countries.   For instance, on trips I’ve made between San Diego and Arizona, I have to go through a couple of check points.   I refer to these as “East Berlin, California”.   As a non-citizen, you must be prepared to show that you are authorized to be in the United States.  If my coworkers have to go through the checkpoints, they are required to carry all of their original documents.   They don’t like doing that as it’s painful to replace them.

I’ve also learned a fair amount about world religions.   I’ve learned that there are countless Hindu Gods and Goddesses.   I’ve learned that there is religion in communist China, but it’s merely tolerated by the government.

Lastly, I’ve learned more about curries than I ever imagined I would know.

Coming from Boise, all of this has been a very good experience.   What I’m learning now will prepare me for whatever is next.



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