Small beers vs. big beers

I’ve noticed a trend with a lot of brewers lately; that trend is high-alcohol, intensely flavored, big beers.   I’m not complaining, just observing.   While I really enjoy some of these beers, I find that sometimes they’re just too much.   One of my favorites in this category is the Amplus Acerba produced by Hess Brewing (  It’s an absolutely fantastic beer, but it rings in at 11.3% ABV, which means it will put you in the bag quickly.  This limits you to one or two max.   

I recently picked up a six-pack of Anchor’s ( summer beer.   It’s a very clean finishing beer, has great flavor, and is only 4.5% ABV.  This makes it good for session drinking.   You can have several without feeling it too much.

I enjoy and think there’s room for both styles of beer.   I’m just gaining a new appreciation for the lower-alcohol styles.