Social Networking 2.0

My real vision for Social Networking 2.0 is when people actually get together for dinner and/or drinks. Nobody is allowed to bring their phones either. I realize this vision isn’t always practical, so I’m proposing some changes to how these sights handle linking requests.

I’ll admit I’m not a huge social networking guy. I don’t have much use for Facebook, Twitter, etc. I do, however, have a LinkedIn account. I’m linked to various ex-coworkers. I often get requests from either people I don’t know or didn’t really like.

When I worked for the Boise-based Memory Manufacturer(BBMM), I had an extremely abusive boss. He’s the reason that I volunteered for the severance package. I had two other co-workers also leave because of this guy.

I recently received a LinkedIn request from this guy. It was written like we were old-friends. We had more of a perpetrator/victim relationship, but we weren’t friends. I stared at the email for a good 15 minutes. I hadn’t thought about him in a couple of years. I started having flashbacks of all the bad things he did.

With this I’m proposing some new buttons to decline requests:

“I have no idea who you are”

“Hell no!, not even if you paid me”

“I’d rather dry-shave my ass”

I’ll just delete his request. I still can’t help but wonder what he wants. It’s been nearly four years since I left and he’s suddenly trying to make contact. I want no part of it.


We Should All Be Forced To Move Once A Year

I’ll be taking the scenic route to the point of the post.

I have just completed eleven months in San Diego. This means the lease at my apartment is nearly up. I’m spinning up, and preparing to jet, like the road-runner in the cartoons.

To say I’ve disliked this apartment is an understatement. I took it because I was in a hurry to line something up, it was close to work, and because I was still carrying a mortgage on a house.

Rents are high in San Diego and this place was $100-$400 cheaper per month than other places I looked at. Had I known my house would sell in two weeks, I never would have rented here. The places are old and have had very little money put back into them. They are painted a lovely shade of hangover brown. The range and dishwasher are the originals from the early 1980’s and neither work well.

The water bill is VERY high. I’m paying $148 every two months. There’s a water meter, but it isn’t read, as I use exactly the same amount of water every month even when I’m gone. I do laundry at the on-site laundromat too, so I’m not consuming water there. The dishwasher has never gotten dishes clean, so I’m not consuming it there either.

There are far too many people living in small apartments. Next door, in a two bedroom, are EIGHT people. There are a ton of small children too. The parents get sick of listening to the demons wail, so they put them out on their patios for everyone to enjoy.

Up until about a month ago, I had a family living above me. I never figured out what the nightly, 3 AM banging was all about. I was elated when the dirt-bags moved out.

I live right next to the swimming pool. In February, it seemed like it would be cool. The fantasy was all about bikinis; the reality was frumpy, fat, housewives in swimsuits which were much too small. I don’t know why, but swimming pools attract trailer-trash like Twinkies used to before Hostess went tits-up. There was nothing but constant noise from there.

Enough background about why I want out of here. Now down to the point of my post. As I’m preparing my exodus to a much nicer place, I am once again going through my crap and deciding what I can donate. I donated a ton before I moved, I donated a ton after I moved, and now I am preparing yet another charity run.

What all of this donating tells me is that I consume too much. Moving forces me to decide what is important to me and what is worth moving. It also makes me think about why I’m buying what I’m buying.

I believe if each of us had to move once a year, we would consume less. The landfills would take a hit with everything we got rid of.