Packing light. My upcoming trip to Vancouver.

I like to travel, but I never like travel day itself.

This is morning I will be flying to Vancouver, BC.   I dread the security line, especially if I get stuck behind inexperienced travelers.  I understand what is about to happen makes no sense; the inexperienced don’t.

I try to minimize the hassle by taking as little luggage as possible.  I put everything into packing cubes to make this easier.  I used to use a wheeled suitcase but started to find it cumbersome.  I’ve since switched to a backpack and a smaller bag to keep at my seat.


Here is what a week’s worth of luggage, carefully packed, looks like for me.

What I have packed:

6 shirts (I always end up with one or two tshirts on my trips, so I take one less than needed).

2 pair of jeans and 1 pair of nylon pants.

Socks and underwear for the week.

1 pair of nylon gym shorts.

1 rain shell (It rains in Vancouver in the winter).

1 thermal jacket (bungeed to the backpack).

1 Silipint silicone pint glass (a lot of airports now have filtered water).

1 compact umbrella.

1 wool beanie.

My combination charger/backup battery.

My passport.

My iPad.

The bags themselves are made by Tom Bihn bags in Seattle.   They are made of their nylon and Dynema fabric.  The bags have been great for most of my needs.  They’re more expensive than their imported counterparts, but will last for decades.

Work slows down for me at this time of year.  I have four paid holidays.   By using a bit of my vacation time, I can leverage a full two weeks off.   I decided that I would head to Vancouver.   It’s a city I have a lot of history with and I always enjoy going.  I fully understand it will rain (see packing list above), but I don’t care.

I’ll be posting whatever photos I take in a later post.