Europe, Day Three (Sept 10): Prague, Czech Republic

As often happens when I drink too much the night before, I woke very early, around 05:00.   I try to go back to sleep, but it’s usually hopeless.   I put my sleep mask on and did deep breathing exercises, but nothing helped.

I had a medium-sized hangover and didn’t make it to breakfast until after 09:00.  I specifically avoided anything fatty as it doesn’t help a hangover.   I really started liking the Muesli.  I’d also have fresh fruit with Nutella.
From there, I went and walked around the city.

While walking around Wenceslas square, I had someone ask me if I wanted to support charity by buying a painting a brick for a new center being built to house adults with mental disabilities.   It cost me 150 Czech Crowns.

I ended up at the main square, where the astronomical clock is.  I toured the “Sex Machines” museum.   A bit overpriced, but kind of fun.

I went and found a Czech version of a microbrewery named Novomestsky Pivovar (Pivo is Czech for beer).  I had lunch and a 1/2 liter.


I did some other random walking around the city, taking a few photos of things I found interesting.

One is called Dancing House (


Other things I liked:

I was tired from the lack of sleep the night before and all of the walking so I went back to the hotel.   My feet were in bad shape, so I did a 15 minute cold soak.   From there, I went to take a nap.  I woke up six hours later.  It was almost 22:00.    Because of this, I couldn’t sleep until 02:00.   I had to be up by 06:00 to get ready, check out, and catch a tram to the train station.


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