Europe day six (Sept 13): Vienna. Subway, Picasso, and Lunch on the Danube

Sunday was a slow day in Vienna.   Another early morning and great hotel breakfast.   I then set out to walk around the city.  I had paid for a three day transit pass and figured I’d take the train to where the line ended.  I grabbed the line that went out to Stadlau.   This was an opportunity to see the countryside.  I passed over the Danube and made a mental note of the area.   Once I got to the end-of-the-line, I walked around a bit.  It was surprisingly undeveloped.  I was trying to find a coffee shop, but saw nothing in the area.  I ran up and down the stairs while waiting for the train.

I boarded the train and just enjoyed the ride back to the city.

When I arrived, I went to the Albertina museum.  They had a Picasso and Monet exhibit.   Was worth the admission price.

IMG_3830 IMG_3831

I walked around a bit afterwards and went by the Vienna Opera House.   Impossible to photograph.   Between the immense size and the traffic, it was hard to do it justice.


There was a street fair happening near my hotel.   I ran by and it was pretty good.   I particularly liked the zip-line for kids.  I can’t imagine this kind of thing in the over-protective US.   There was a live band.

There was a line of stores I saw in all three countries named, Spar.   I dropped by there in every country.   I like having fruit and beer in the room.    I found an interesting beer:


As both a beer and AC/DC fan, how could I possibly resist.   It was pretty good and named after their latest album.   It had the track listing on the can.

After leaving the museum, it was time for a late lunch.  I really couldn’t handle the idea of eating in a tourist area.   Remembering the Danube exit on the train, I headed over there.   I was thinking there’d be a bunch of restaurants.   What I found was more my speed.   It was an open-air stand on the river.   I ordered a beer and a hot dog with fries.   The lady asked me if I wanted one or two.   I was thinking about the type of hot dogs you get at a stadium.   I agreed to having two.  What came out was foot-long bavarian sausages on big rolls.    I was able to eat one, but could only manage the meat on the second.



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