Blake 3.0 – The end of the San Diego Years

After a solid run with the Qualcomm Sensors’ Technology team, I was laid off back in June.   More than 1500 people were let go and my number came up.  I wasn’t particularly political and so it really didn’t surprise me.   I felt both sad and relieved, if that makes any sense.

Why Blake 3.0?  1.0 was my Idaho years, 2.0 the San Diego years, and 3.0 the Bay Area years.

I had a fantastic summer.   I did a 4 week Goethe Institute program in Frankfurt Germany, where I earned my B1 certificate.   I strengthened friendships by visiting friends in other states.   In November I also spent 7 nights in Berlin.   The rest of the time I worked out everyday and, unfortunately, undid the work by drinking beer.

In between everything, I applied for hundreds of jobs and interviewed constantly.   There is absolutely no substitute for interviewing experience.   It’s impossible to know how to prepare.   If I prepare technically, all questions will be behavioral.  The reverse is also true.  I had 3 different on-site interviews.  This means a full day of interviewing.   The fewest I had was 4; the most was 8, which included 2 Vice Presidents.

Finally, I received a written offer, which I accepted.    The job is in the Bay Area, which means I need to relocate.   The surge of feelings I have is both powerful and confusing.   I’m super excited about the new landscape and topography that the Bay Area offers.  At the same time, I’m mourning the things left behind.

Right now, I’m making a list of the things I’m going to need to deal with.   It’s just a guideline to help orient me.

One of my relocation benefits is a house-hunting trip.  I’m planning to do this after the New Year.  My first day at the new job is Feb 4.   I want to be all moved at least a week before the job starts.